Sample lesson english 3 units


דוגמא לטקסט:


   (1)The creation of the Mobile Phone has been leading to one of the greatest  revolutions in the field of communication. The mobile phone is actually a cordless phone which functions such as a radio which can not only (5)transmit, but also receive signals. It (5)can only be operated in areas where there are transmitting stations of Cellular phones.

   The mobile phone was invented in 1973 by Martin Cooper who performed the first conversation in Manhattan New (10)York in front of shocked people around. Then the mobile    phone was used only for two functions: calling and disconnecting. Martin Cooper has not invented the cellular technology but only the cellular phone.

   The cellular technology was known since the forties of the 20 (15)century. In June 1946,  a big communication company in the  U.S.  has introduced the first phone which was used in cars. However, the phone was big, heavy and full of interruptions. In spite of its revolutionary nature, the car phones haven't spread fast. Till the  seventies, there were only 43,000 phones of this (20)sort.
Only in the nineties, due to Cooper's invention the cellular phone is widespread all over the world. Its main disadvantage is both being a nuisance and creating a lot of noise in many public places such in buses and trains. Moreover, in hospitals it can create a disorder in the electronic systems and devices. One can wonder if its benefits overcome its drawbacks.